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Reading Program

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

We challenge you to help your child succeed in school and inspire a life-long love of reading by reading aloud 1,000 books to them before they start Five-Year-Old Kindergarten!

Sound impossible? It’s not! Reading just one book a day will complete the program in less than three years! If your child is already four, it is still possible! By reading just three books a day to your child, you can complete the program together in under a year! 

For every 100 books you read together mark the tracking sheet (or use the app), return the tracking sheet to the library and your child will receive a sticker and the tracking sheet for the next 100 books. 

When you finish the program, your child can pick out a free book to keep, earn a completion certificate and have their picture added to our special Wall of Fame! 

Sign up at the library for the first 100 sheet and a free tote bag!


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