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Reading Challenge

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

We challenge you to help your child succeed in school & inspire a life-long love of reading by reading aloud 1,000 books to them before they start Five-Year-Old Kindergarten!

Sound impossible? It’s not! Reading just one book a day will complete the program in less than three years! If your child is already four, it is still possible! By reading just three books a day to your child, you can complete the program together in under a year! 

For every 100 books you read together, you can come to the library & your child can get a sticker & their next 100 sheet. 

When you complete the program, your child can pick out a free book to keep & will get a special certificate & their picture on our special Wall of Fame! 

Sign up at the library to get the first 100 sheet & a free tote bag.

Or you can get started at home today by printing your sheets or simply making tally marks on a piece of paper! Bring back the first sheet(s) to the library when you are finished to get signed up & get your child’s free tote bag. 

1 to 100 Books

101 to 200 Books

201 to 300 Books

301 to 400 Books

401 to 500 Books

501 to 600 Books

601 to 700 Books

701 to 800 Books

801 to 900 Books

901 to 1000 Books


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